Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?


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8 May 2024 - Meadow Vue Ranch Conference 2024 | August 16-17 | Island Park, Idaho

Join us in the peaceful wilderness of Island Park, Idaho at Meadow Vue Ranch for the 2024 Grandeur Welness Rezzimax Conference! Receive revolutionary instruction, demonstration and education about the Rezzimax devise and resonance therapy for humans, horses AND dogs!

Enjoy the included delectable brunch graze table, refreshments and dinner with entertainment.

Lodging NOT included

some sneak peek topics to be covered at the conference:

and so much more!

Visit the Grandeur Wellness Conference Page to learn more!

18  April 2024 - Rezzimax Rebel Ranch Conference 2024 | June 21-22 |Chino Hills, CA

Rebel Ranch Conference 2024 (1920 x 1080 px).jpg__PID:04dfbc7e-9a8f-4a80-b042-c3192436bde3

Come join us for an exciting weekend of learning how to promote healing with resonance therapy and the Rezzimax Tuner! You can choose which day you'd like to attend, or come to both! Visit the Conference Page to learn more.

8  May 2024 - Rezzimax Conference 2024

Visit our Conference Page to learn more!

26  March 2024 - Rezzimax Classes Available Now

Sharik Peck, the inventor of Rezzimax, presented a phenomenal seminar loaded with an abundance of clinical applications that are sure to help you in your clinical approach. NeurdSolutions is happy to offer this course for free as a token of appreciation for your support over the years. We appreciate you more than you know. We measure our success based on your success. Enjoy!

*** To register, scroll down on the "Rezzimax Clinical Applications" page and a "Get Access Free" button will appear at the top.***

Click here to get access!

7  March 2024 - IAFNR TBI + Concussion Summit 

To learn more about the conference and how to sign up, visit here!

29  February 2024 - IAFNR Conference 2024 - Sign up to be a presenter!

Are you a professional who works in neurological care? We would love to have you join us online for the 2024 IAFNR Conference September 26-29!

Brain Based Healthcare and the field of Functional Neurosciences continues to rapidly expand. This year our focus is on the various clinical aspects and conditions that our practitioners and experts study. Presentations include cutting edge research, unique patient populations and conditions as well as cutting edge aspects of diagnostics in the field of Neuroplasticity.

Join us and share your expertise! Applications are due by April 30th. To register, click here

21  February 2024 - Learn how to use your Tuner with our Rezzipes!

So, your Rezzimax Tuner has arrived and you've learned how to get it to buzz- what do you do now? We've made a collection of video tutorials, affectionally called "Rezzipes", to help you find ways to use your Tuner in just a few minutes every day! You can even look up which Rezzipe to use based on the symptoms you have. Click here to explore our book of Rezzipes!

7  February 2024 - VUCAH Workplace Resilience and Well-Being Webinar 

Check out this amazing collaboration of mental health professionals discussing how to improve our well-being in the workplace! This video is synced to start at Sharik's presentation, but we encourage everyone to watch the full video.  

25 January 2024 - Sharik and Beth Facebook Live

Invitation to a Facebok Live event featured Sharik on Tuesday, January 23rd at 2:30 EST

Did you miss the Facebook Live event we had on Tuesday? We've got you covered. Tap the link below to see Beth and Sharik discuss how to treat some of the most common syndromes and symptoms with the new Tuner Mini! 

Click here to watch now!

23 January 2024 - Using the Tuner to treat  Uncontrollable Tremors

It's our Testimonial Tuesday! Check out the full video of Megan's experience with using the Tuner to stop her uncontrollable tremors. Sharik goes into detail about the techniques and process he follows to give Megan some relief in just one session.

3 October 2023 - Rezzi Road Trip Winner