Managing Summer Stress

Managing Summer Stress

Imagine a nice relaxing day at the beach, or a fun time with kids in the sprinkler. Think about a beautiful nature hike reveling in the good ol’ outdoors with camping and s’mores. Picnics with all your favorite foods. Fireworks exploding colors in the beautiful night sky. Delicious homegrown fruits and vegetables. Envision whatever summer means to you. Though, thinking of the big picture, how relaxing is summer? How often do you feel exhausted spending all day in the sun? Or like you need a vacation after your vacation? There are many stressors that come with the idea of summer fun, that affect the whole family. Some common stressors that come with summer include heat, dehydration, traveling, family, activities, boredom, weather, changes in routine, crying kids asking, “Are we there yet?!,” etc.

Animals are particularly sensitive to stress caused by heat (especially brachycephalic/”smooshed nose” breeds of dogs and cats), weather (ie. Thunderstorms, drought, typhoons), uncommon foods, fireworks, unsafe water, traveling, and changes in routine. As temperatures are up, when your pets are outside for any length of time, they should have access to plenty of clean water and shade. Like kids, do not leave your dog or cat in a hot car, as temperatures will increase astronomically very quickly. Be aware of pavement temperatures if you want to take your dog on a walk, if you can’t hold the back of your hand to the pavement for 5 seconds, then your pet must either wear booties, or stay off of any pavement on your walk. This will avoid burning their paw pads. You may not know it, but like you, many animals need pet-safe sunscreen when they are outside, K9 Top Coat makes an SPF-blocking, cooling, body-suit for dogs. They also offer body suits to help manage anxiety, to keep dogs clean when taking them for a day at the beach, provide protection against ticks and burrs, and more! To learn more, these can be found at

So let’s talk about travel stress: having to plan, pack, prep, manage kids if you have them - either for bringing them with or getting a babysitter and everything that comes with those, but what about your pets? Are you taking your horse to a rodeo or trail riding? Need to check the horse trailer, bring all the grooming supplies, has the farrier been there? Are you bringing your dog or cat on the plane that needs paperwork or on a road trip – and all the necessary supplies? Did you find a pet safe hotel? If they are not coming with you, are you boarding them or getting a pet sitter? Will they be in-home or just coming to check on them? Do they need vaccines or titer tests for boarding? Are they good around other people or pets? There are so many things to consider when traveling that it can become very overwhelming, for you, your family, and your pets. Try the Whole Body De-Stress protocol for you and your pet to give your body a minute to breathe and reset, helping to clear your mind so you can remember all of the important things without overdoing it. This will help you be able to have a much more relaxing and enjoyable trip. PS. Join the Rezzi Road Trip Contest running July 2023 for a chance to win a Tuner Pro II kit. You can enter by sharing a photo of your Tuner on your trip, or by sharing where you’d love to take one. We’d love to see where they get to go!

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No matter your stressor, take a moment to breathe and relax. Be mindful of the weather and keep pets and kids out of things they shouldn’t be in. Enjoy nature from the outdoors or behind the window in the A/C. But most of all, use the Tuner to melt away your stress and help keep your mind on track to make summer 2023 the best one yet!

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