Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?


Tuner Pro II Basics

Getting Started with Rezzimax Tuner Pro II (pre-2024)

1. To access the lowest settings on the Tuner (pre-2024 Pro II model only*) press the two circle buttons simultaneously, they will flash once released. Repeat this step to return back to regular settings.

An image of the Rezzimax Tuner Pro II with arrows pointing towards the two round buttons.

2. There are 4 modes; green/blue/red/white that change to the next by pressing the button between the two arrows. Completion of a mode is signaled by two distinct pulses.

An image of the Rezzimax Tuner with an arrow pointing to the second button, which is the mode button.

Learn the fundamental techniques of the Rezzimax Tuner by following these Rezzipes. CLICK HERE to access the Rezzipe page.
*On Rezzimax Tuner Pro II Models manufactured 2024 or later, the Tuner starts on the lowest calm level by default and then can be adjusted up four calm and six strong levels of intensity (total of ten.)

Updated Rezzimax Tuner Pro II (2024 and later)

For 2024 we've made a few enhancements on the Rezzimax Tuner Pro II. Now it's even easier to access the calm settings, and all it takes is the press of a button! Every new Tuner Pro II will now come with four of our calm levels and six strong levels of intensity.

1. It starts at the calmest level whenever you turn it on.

2.From there, just use the up and down buttons to find the level you want.

Easier access to the gentle settings are an amazing addition, but we didn't stop there- now you can adjust the intensity of our therapeutic algorithms.

1. Access the algorithms just like before, pressing the round second button from the top.

2. Now, simply press down to reduce the intensity by 50%.

3. To return to the stronger level, just push the up button on your Tuner.