Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?



Introducing Rezzipet!

See how the power of resonance and vibration therapy can benefit cats, dogs, and even horses.

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Perfect for all animals

Calm and heal your pets with the revolutionary power of resonance.

"My pets just love it! Really relaxes them."

Tanya H.

"It calms my dog down, it calms me down, can't recommend enough!"

Parker K.

"Such a blessing for my older cat. She loves to cuddle up to it every night."

Terri B.

"My dog's Arthritis seems to be more manageable after using the Tuner every evening"

Joseph P.


Like a Cat's Purr

Scientific studies have led to the discovery of a new property of purring, that of healing.

Stress Relief

The calming resonance of the Rezzipet Tuner makes it perfect for anxious or recovering pets.


For Big and Small

High and low power modes for deeper levels of therapy.

The Best Tool You're Not Using

The powerful healing and stress relieving properties of vibrational therapy are now available for your four legged friends!


Other Devices Use Hammering Motions that are painful for animals


The Tuner Pro II emulates the purring of a cat. Excellent for sensitive animals.

Patented Technology

The vibrations and algorithms of the Tuner Pro II are unique to Rezzimax

Calming for Pet & Owner

Using the Tuner Pro II relaxes both you and your animal.

Try It with our
60-Day Guarantee

Love the results of your Tuner Pro II or your money back!

Rezzipet Rezzipes to Promote healing

We've developed simple and easy step-by-step tutorials that are customized to your pet's specific needs! Stimulate and balance the nervous system by location or condition.

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