Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?


How It Works with Animals

How The Body Works with Pain and Healing

*This article is based on the human body; however, this information also applies to animals.

How Our Bodies Respond to Stress  

Most people know that when we get fearful or encounter a stressful situation, our central nervous system sets up for a fight, flight, fidget, or freeze response. Our jaws clench, our neck muscles tighten, as do all of our other muscles, then our unnecessary organs (for some reason, the brain and thinking rationally is one of those unnecessary organs) shut down so emergency systems can take over; and we are either ready to fight or to run or we get stuck in a frozen state like that deer in the headlights.  

The trigeminal nerve, which stretches out in spider-like fingers on either side of our face, directly connects with our body’s stress systems and muscles responsible for this fight, flight, fidget, or freeze state. This is an important function to have in our bodies, but when we continually face these stressful situations, it is hard on the nervous system. Chronic stress contributes to sub-par functioning, and many times we end up living with chronic pain or illness. However, because there is an opposite system, known as the parasympathetic or rest and digest system, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

How Our Bodies Calm Stress 

Inside your body, you have a miraculous mechanism to counter these debilitating effects of stress, injury, or pain. It is controlled by the Vagus Nerve. This nerve is named after the meaning “wanderer,” because it travels to each of the vital organs in the body. When this nerve is stimulated correctly and effectively, it has the ability to relax all of these organs, many of your muscles and systems, and put your body into a state of healing and regeneration. In fact, it is in charge of getting your organs and systems to function normally, decrease inflammation, and promote healthy sleep. 

How Do I Stimulate My Vagus Nerve Correctly and Effectively? 

The medical world has found a way to insert a device into the neck that costs an exorbitant amount of money and comes with a myriad of side effects. But Sharik Peck and a team of specialists have developed a way to stimulate that nerve correctly, effectively, and efficiently (in only minutes, without putting anything in the body) to relax the nervous system and put the entire body in a state of happiness and healing. Amazingly, this works well for our furry friends as well! The way to put the nervous system into an optimal state of rest and digest where recovery is the key, is with the Rezzimax® Tuner PRO II.  We are excited to show you how!