Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?


Horse Rezzipes - Hind End, Pelvis & Tail

Step 1:

• Tuner: Accessory Tongs
• Mode/Level: Low Level
• Duration: 3 min
• Pressure: Light-Moderate
• Location: Hips and Tail

Place tongs on hips with Tuner on the spine pointed toward the head for one minute. Rotate Tuner so tongs remain on hips, but Tuner is now toward tail for one minute. Then hold tail against Tuner for one minute.

• Note: Can strap Tuner to tail using provided strap.

Step 2:

• Tuner: Wing
• Mode/Level: Low Level
• Duration: 2-3 min
• Pressure: Light
• Location: Hips

Remove tongs and place Clear Tip Attachment. Scrape underside and around hip using the wing. Hold in tense areas. Repeat with other hip.

Step 3:

• Tuner: Accessory Clear Tip
• Mode/Level: Low Level
• Duration: 1-2 min
• Pressure: Light
• Location: Tail

Place Clear Tip around base of tail hitting points all around it for 30 seconds to one minute, then hold on the tip of the tail for 30 seconds to one minute.