Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?



This Rezzipe supports your body’s natural healing response for shoulder and chest pain.

Step 1:

A woman is leaning her head back on the headrest of a chair while the Rezzimax Tuner is positioned between her shoulder blades. The tongs are wide open and cradling her neck while resting on her shoulders.

• Optional: Use Neck Pillow
• Tuner: Accessory Tongs
• Mode/Level: Blue
• Duration: 5 min
• Pressure: Light
• Location: Back of Neck

Attach tongs to Tuner and place tongs on both sides of the neck with Tuner resting against the spine slowly rotating head side to side, keeping pressure against the device.

Step 2:

A woman is using the Rezzimax Tuner wings to scrape up both sides of the spine on the lower back.

• Tuner: Wing
• Mode/Level: Higher Level
• Duration: 1-2 min
• Pressure: Firm
• Location: Back

Scrape back starting from low back going up towards your neck

Step 3:

The Rezzimax Tuner is placed on the ground while a man lays on top of it so that it is in the small of his back.

• Tuner: Accessory Not Applicable
• Mode/Level: Higher Level or green pattern
• Duration: 2-10 min
• Pressure: Light
• Location: Small of Back

Place Tuner in small of your back and lay down on it.

Step 4:

The Rezzimax Tuner is placed inside the Runner's Pack and strapped around the waist so that the Tuner is resting against the lower back.

• Tuner: Runners Pack
• Mode/Level: Higher Level or green
• Duration: 10-30+ min
• Pressure: Moderate
• Location: Back

Place Tuner inside the Runners pack and place the mesh against the low back.

Step 5:

With the Rezzimax Tuner strapped to her back in the runner's back, a woman sits in a chair and extends her leg out straight in front of her.

• Tuner: Runners Pack
• Mode/Level: Higher Level or Green
• Duration: 10x
• Pressure: Moderate
• Location: Sitting

With the Tuner on the back straighten the leg, flex and extend foot for 15 seconds – repeat 10 times on each leg.

Step 6:

A diagram of the bones of the pelvic area.

• Tuner: Accessory Not Applicable
• Mode/Level: Gentle Settings Low Level
• Duration: 10 min
• Pressure: Moderate
• Location: Sitting on the Tuner

Wrap Tuner in a heavy towel or blanket and sit on the Tuner like sitting on a saddle. Low level, hum to the device.