Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?


Managing Emotional Trauma with Resonance Therapy

Managing Emotional Trauma with Resonance Therapy

I had the chance to meet Savannah last September when she came to the Rezzimax Conference we held in Salt Lake City. I was amazed at how she has managed to move forward and be successful in her passions, even when faced by paralyzing fear and anxiety caused by traumatic events in her past. 

Savannah attributes much of her emotional trauma to the day of her birth, when she was born with the umbilical cord around her neck. The doctors call this a nuchal, and it surprisingly happens quite often, in up to 30 percent of births. Two of my own children experienced it. Can you imagine how many people walking around today might have some deep-rooted trauma affecting them in one way or another from this same experience? 

What Happened at the Conference

During the conference, Savannah came up and allowed me to demonstrate the Stress Down-Regulation Rezzipe. She was surprised at how quickly it worked in dulling out the emotional responses she had when she thought about situations that caused her anxiety! Check out this video below to see the full demonstration, and a little surprise from Savannah at the end. Check out the full video of her experience:

Teach Yourself How to Decrease Your Emotional Response to Trauma

In only a few minutes, you can learn the basic steps of the Stress Down-Regulation Rezzipe and get relief from the crippling hold that our traumatic memories can have on us. Take some time to learn the steps in the!

Get a Trauma Exercise Strap

You can do the Stress-Down Regulation Rezzipe with a strap or belt, or you can get your own Rezzimax Trauma Exercise Strap! It's designed specifically for this exercise and makes it easy to set up and use so you can focus on squashing those negative emotions.

"Hi, everyone. My name is Savannah Short. I'm a licensed massage therapist, and I just attended the Rezzimax 2023 Conference and had quite an amazing experience I'd like to share with you guys.
I'm a singer and a performer, and I have been my whole life. But I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck, which made it hard any time I would go into a fight or flight or a high stressful situation. I would feel like I was being suffocated and my body would do crazy things that I didn't understand.
We did an exercise today, the trauma deregulation protocol, and my experience during it, I felt all of the heat around my neck just instantly warm up and get everything moving. I got a little bit lightheaded, and I felt all of the tension and stress slowly release and move down to my ankle.
We did it about four times and I felt completely different afterwards. And now I can think about those traumatic events and I don't have any response for it. And I have way more range of motion in my neck. My shoulders don't move when my neck does, and I can sing without fear in front of people.
In this journey of trying to understand this, sound and frequency has just taken me under its wing and delivered me to Rezzimax."


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