Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?


Head Pain and Migraine Relief at Home

Head Pain and Migraine Relief at Home

Migraines are the worst! Over 10% of us suffer with them regularly and of those, about 3X as many women than men. Cluster headaches, tension headaches, ocular migraines - whatever you may call them - can be debilitating and disrupt your every day life and career. Many of you push through the day in a semi-functional state and only head to the doctor for injections once the pain becomes unbearable.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was something you could do to manage your headaches at home? Something that didn’t involve the side effects of dangerous and addictive medications? Hold on to your Tuners and check out this gentleman’s first impressions after his initial encounter with the Rezzimax Tuner:

Patient: It began probably about 20 years ago. I was grading exams and I just got stuck in a headache and it got so bad that I ended up in the emergency room.
They gave me a morphine injection and that was great. It fixed it. But to be honest, from then on, I always had this dull headache and I spent 15 years going through various antidepressants or different psychotropic drugs.
I've gone through every single one that exists to see if it helped. But Gabapentin, you know, kind of blew my career in a way because it turned my brain off.
This Aimovig injection seems like it's really been helping, but I think its efficacy is diminishing with use. I've had it for probably three years now.

Sharik: And today the pain is what?

Patient: Yeah, I'd say a three.

Sharik: Tell me how you're feeling after treatment.

Patient: Yeah, I'm feeling a lot better. Thank you. I don't feel any pain behind my eye any more.

Sharik: Now, how many of your medications and your injections can work that quickly?

Patient: Not very. Yeah, the meds all have side effects. There's always a loss.

Sharik: There was a surprising thing that we did for you today. Had to do with your sinuses. How are they doing?

Patient: Yeah, I feel like I can breathe a lot better because I've never been able to breathe through my nose very well, and I just have to breathe through my mouth and yeah, it feels good! It feels a lot more open.

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