Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?


Jaw & TMJ Rezzipe

This Rezzipe supports your body’s natural healing response for jaw pain.

Step 1:

Attach your tongs to the Tuner and place tongs on both sides of the neck. Rest the Tuner pointed downward against the spine. Slowly rotate your head side to side, keeping pressure against the device.

Step 2:

Place tongs at the center of the eyebrows and hold the Tuner steady.

Step 3:

Place the tongs close together between your eyes at the bridge of your nose with a light amount of pressure towards your forehead.

Step 4:

Place the tongs under the jaw so that the round tips are resting below both jaw bones. Hold the Tuner with both hands.

Step 5:

Place the flat ends of your tongs under the jaw with the round ends at the base of your neck for one minute. Now flip your tongs so that the round ends are resting behind your jaw and below your ears for one more minute.

Step 6:

For convenient cleanup, you can place a disposable glove over the tongs for this step. A drop of food-grade oil, such as peppermint or a citrus, can enhance the experience if desired.
Place the tongs inside your mouth with the tips placed on the outside of your teeth. Angle the Tuner up an down, and open and close your mouth slowly seven to eight times.

Step 7:

Remove the tongs and install the clear tip. Place the tip on any remaining areas with tension.