Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?


Military Family Resilience and Stress Relief

Stress can be both good and bad, depending on timing, severity and duration. It can also become overwhelming when the body overreacts.  Our mind is one of the most complex organs, however, it runs on some very basic principles.  The fight or flight response is our internal defense mechanism. Either it says, “Bring it on,” or “Get me out of here!”  

In the military, we constantly speak of resilience, or being able to bounce back when faced with a stressor.  These stressors can be almost anything.  Resilience is trained often for the military member, however, over and over the supporting family bears the weight of deployments, mobilizations and field training exercies with little to no training.

What are some of the resources that families can rely on to cope with the stressors related to day-to-day military service?  Proven ways that are often overlooked are: a workout routine, guided breathing, eating healthy food and staying well rested.  Issues with these are the fact that military life can be hectic and can constantly change, some days a moment to take for yourself seems a luxury, healthy foods can be expensive or time consuming to prepare and sleep does not always come easily.

If seemingly all of our other coping mechanisms are out of reach, what can we grab ahold of to deal mentally and physically with the life the military gives us?  The Rezzimax Tuner Pro II was developed to assist people to relieve stress and pain through calibrated vibration on pressure points and muscles.  To learn more about the Tuner Pro II and how it has changed thousands of peoples' lives, click here!

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"Our family uses the Tuner Pro II almost daily to combat

the stress that comes with raising children, PCSing, long

military trainings and everything else the military throws at us."

- Jayden & Irene Family