Rezzimax Conference 
Rezzimax Rezzipes: The Buffet Approach

September 8th - 9th
9AM - 6PM (1PM break for lunch) 
Gallivan Center, Salt Lake City Utah
239 S Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

You're Invited! Please join us at the Gallivan Center on September 8th and 9th in beautiful downtown Salt Lake City Utah! Hands-on learning with Rezzimax founder and inventor, Sharik Peck. Tuner training for both humans and animal applications. Rezzimax Affiliate Certification, Early Access to the Pain Tuner Mini & More!

(We will provide healthy snacks throughout the day and fruit parfaits in the mornings.) 

Come Join us at the Gallivan Center in beautiful Salt Lake City Utah. In-person participants will receive hands-on training. First access to the new Rezzimax Pain Tuner Mini, a framed Rezzimax Course Completion Certificate, and a Pain Tuner Pro II + Kit. Seats limited to 200 people so please reserve as soon as you can!

Buy In-Person Conference Ticket

The online option is an excellent option for those who can't attend in-person. You'll receive the conference recordings and certification course via email shortly after September 9th. A Pain Tuner Pro II + Kit and the NEW Rezzimax Pain Tuner Mini are also included with ticket purchase. (Tuner Mini will be shipped as soon as it is available) 

Buy Online Conference Ticket

Included With Your Conference Ticket:
($1,600 value)

Rezzimax Course Completion Certificate

In-Person conference attendees will receive a framed Rezzimax Course Completion Certificate. This certificate grants access to the highest Rezzimax Certified Ambassador affiliate level. Those who purchase an online ticket will be able to access the online course and receive Rezzimax certification through an online portal. 

The NEW Rezzimax Pain Tuner Mini!

Introducing the Rezzimax Pain Tuner Mini! This innovative new Rezzimax device features bluetooth connectivity for maximum customization, all of the patterns and levels of the Pain Tuner Pro II and even more new levels, all in the smallest form factor we've ever created! 

A Rezzimax Pain Tuner Pro II + Kit

Rezzimax Pain Tuner Pro II Kit. Your ticket purchase will also include a Pain Tuner Pro II + Kit. Come prepared to learn how to fully utilize the full power of the Pain Tuner and all included accesories with techniques for both humans and animals! 

This Rezzimax conference will be hosted at the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City Utah. We've compiled a list of nearby hotels and restaurants to make your stay more enjoyable. Please CLICK HERE to view the map.