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Are you at the right place ?


Relief from Peripheral Neuropathy with Resonance Therapy - Testimonial Tuesday

Relief from Peripheral Neuropathy with Resonance Therapy - Testimonial Tuesday

In this post, we'd like to share the story of a customer who has seen some pretty spectacular life changes, and also talk a bit about peripheral neuropathy and nerve conductivity tests.

This is Burt, who has been suffering with neuropathy in his feet for years. His sister told him about the Rezzimax Tuner, so he thought he’d give it a try…

After just a few months of regular use, Burt’s pain in his feet had cleared up! At his next appointment, his Podiatrist couldn’t BELIEVE the change he saw. In fact, he had him take a nerve conductivity test. The results blew him away, as they showed something that you don’t usually see- significant improvement!

Here's his experience in his own words:

I’m Burt Sainsbury and I have bad neuropathy for my feet. I got set up with this device, and that was a year ago. I used it constantly for the first six months, practically every day I would use a half hour on one foot, half hour on the other foot. Then I started tapering off after six months.
I met with my podiatrist about four months ago. He was wondering how I was doing and I said, 'Hey, my feet feel great! I don’t have the pain. I don’t have the numbness like I used to.' He goes, 'Wow, let’s get you tested!'
We did testing, with the nerve conduction, and he was in awe because no one jumps that fast within a year's time. I told him about the Rezzimax and that I use it on a regular basis.
He said, 'I need to see you in about another couple more months, come back and see me and see how you're doing.' I answered, 'What for? I don’t need to come back. I'll just keep working and do the other parts of my body.'
Especially for headaches it's been great. On my neck, it just does wonders for me. We've used it on shoulders, backs. I will sometimes have to search for it in the house because somebody used and put it somewhere else. It’s been a marvelous miracle in a lot of ways, I would say, for what it’s done for me."

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy refers to damage or dysfunction of peripheral nerves. These are the nerves in your extremities - arms, legs, hands and feet. There's a disruption in communication between the central nervous system and the rest of the body. There's a long list of things that can cause peripheral neuropathy, including diabetes, autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders, infections, trauma, and exposure to toxins.

Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

Some indications of neuropathy can include numbness, tingling, burning sensations, weakness, and pain. These symptoms often start in the hands and feet and may gradually spread to other areas.

Diagnosis with Nerve Conductivity Tests

Nerve conductivity tests, also known as nerve conduction studies (NCS) or electromyography (EMG), are diagnostic procedures used to evaluate nerve function and diagnose peripheral neuropathy. During these tests, electrodes are placed on the skin to measure the electrical activity of nerves and muscles.

What Can Nerve Conductivity Tests Measure?

  1. Nerve Function: NCS measures the speed and strength of electrical signals transmitted through nerves. Abnormal results may indicate nerve damage or dysfunction, indicating that the electrical impulses are being impeded by higher resistance from damaged nerves.
  2. Muscle Response: EMG assesses muscle response to nerve stimulation, helping to identify muscle disorders or nerve damage affecting muscle function. It can help to identify which muscles are working properly and those that aren't.
  3. Location and Severity: Nerve conductivity tests can help determine the location and severity of nerve damage, aiding in treatment planning and prognosis. The weaker the signal, or the longer it takes to register, can both be signs of more significant nerve damage.

Our peripheral nervous systems are a little more resilient than the central nervous system. The nerves in our legs, arms, hands and feet have a better ability to recover than those in our brain and spine. We've been fortunate to see many success stories from our customers using the Rezzimax Tuner to promote healing in their extremities afflicted with neuropathy. Do you have pain in your hands or feet, but you're not sure where to start? Check out our Rezzipes page and choose the area you'd like to work on first!

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