Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?


The Power of Yawning

The Power of Yawning

Have you ever noticed how your pet yawns a lot? Dogs, cats, and horses (and humans) yawn for various reasons aside from being tired, such as excessive stress, excitement, due to pain, to connect with others, and more. Sometimes when taking your pet to a new place, they will start yawning to show you they are uncomfortable or nervous. Aside from communication, yawning has many benefits for you and your pet.

Yawn seven times. Yes, seven. That is the perfect number. God created the earth in seven days. What magic can you create by yawning seven times?

Yawning has a powerful impact. If you see someone yawn, or if you think about one, you yawn. Why? Because your body knows it is good! A yawn stretches the jaws wide, increasing blood flow to the neck, face and head. The deep breath pumps the blood, spinal fluid moves, oxygen levels increase, body temperature and metabolism adjust. Yawn again. You have just accomplished something incredible! You are not bored or tired, you are lifehacking! Pay attention when you watch the Olympics. Many athletes yawn just before a race or performance. Apolo Ohno, eight-time Olympic medalist, is well-known for a great big yawn prior to competition. Experts say it increases your attention and focus and calms your nerves at the same time.

Benefits of Yawning

Scientists have only recently begun a serious study of yawning. Neuroscience (the study of the nervous system) has shown at least twelve benefits to yawning. When we are stressed, our body temperature rises and can be lowered by a cooling intake of breath. Yawning reduces tension and stress levels (parachutists will often yawn just before jumping). Yawning with others can create empathy (pack animals do this). It helps remove toxins from the brain and alerts you of a change in action (fish yawn before switching directions). Neurochemicals are released that increase memory recall and retention (are you yawning before a test or presentation?). Yawns help regulate the “clocks” in our brain, a well-regulated clock will let you know when to sleep and when you should be awake. Yawning increases dopamine, the neurotransmitter that activates the pleasure center of your brain and increases oxytocin (often called the “love hormone”) assisting you in creating positive bonds with others.

Applying the Yawn Lifehack

There are many ways to apply this easy lifehack. Yawn while driving in heavy traffic to decrease stress while increasing alertness and response time. Yawn to give yourself a mood lift or prepare yourself for a performance or presentation. If you are having a hard time pressing through your workout, yawn for a boost of energy! Yawns can heighten feelings of pleasure as you cuddle or magnify awareness of emotions and increase introspection. If you have been yawning (as you most likely have) while reading this article, you will be getting ideas of your own because your brain has now been stimulated!

Ramp up the Yawn!

Do you want to have a “Wow!” experience? Grab your Rezzimax Tuner Pro II (if you don’t have one, borrow one, you really don’t want to miss this). Put on the Tuning Fork attachment and begin trying it on various locations on your head while yawning. It’s like the benefits of yawning times fifty! I tried it with one pad resting just inside the ear (not stuck in, just on the opening to the ear canal) and the other pad under the chin, in the middle. Now yawn. Wow! Did you feel that? When I do it, it’s like yawning through my whole head. I love the feeling of clarity I receive afterward. Do it again on the other side. (Note: many people who study energy and fluid movement within the body recommend you always do right side first, then left.) Give it a try with the pads on the forehead, on the sinuses. Did you have to grab a tissue? If you have a cold, this is a great way to drain those sinuses! Put it on the back of the neck. Mmm, I just felt my muscles relax from my head to my toes. Don’t limit yourself to my suggestions, play with coupling yawning and the Tuner Pro II, go with your instincts and be amazed! Try with your pet when you notice them yawning, see if you can help them relax further. Both you and your pet can reap the benefits of yawning and the Tuner Pro II.

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