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  • Real Solutions for Tension Headache Relief

    About six years ago I was diagnosed with tension headaches. The diagnosis was one thing. It was a place to start. Getting relief from tension headaches was an entirely different journey altogether.

    I don’t want to keep you waiting (because it’s one of my pet peeves). So, I’ll tell you right away that the Rezzimax Tuner Pro proved to be an extremely useful tool for me on the path to resolution. But the road to relief wasn’t always paved with yellow bricks.
  • My Chronic Pain is the Same as Your Chronic Pain, Right?

    If I stub my toe, it hurts. If you stub your toe, it hurts. My pain is the same as your pain, right? Actually, no. Pain is, in fact, very different based on gender! During the 188th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, Jennifer Kelly, Ph.D. discussed three differences between how men and women experience pain and how that can influence chronic pain. Also included are some great tips for reducing chronic pain!
  • How does the gut communicate? The vagus nerve information highway.

    The vagus nerve, also called the wandering nerve, wanders from the brain to the lowest levels of your intestines (gut). On the way, it touches most of the major organs in the body. Because the vagus nerve covers so much vital territory, it is an important part of the communication chain in the body. Gut instincts are information that is literally transferred from the gut (intestines) to the brain via the vagus nerve. Studies have shown that the information traveling along this nerve affect your emotional state. Why does your gut care about your emotional state? Why might we get indigestion due to stress?