Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?


Positive Thinking, the Vital Life Hack You May Be Missing

Positive Thinking, the Vital Life Hack You May Be Missing

Renee has dealt with numerous allergies and a sensitive digestive system for her whole life. In her late twenties, she started getting sick—really sick. She tried to ignore it, hoping things would somehow get better. Instead, she fell into a cycle of depression. For the last thirty years, her body has gone into what she calls, “shut down mode.” As her health challenges and depression worsened, she began to wonder how much longer she could function before her body failed her and she died. She began to search for answers, trying many different solutions as she hunted for ways to reduce her emotional and physical pain. Some things didn’t work at all, others worked--though only for a while. Still, she somehow felt positive that there was help for her out there, she only had to keep looking.

After experiencing some overwhelming emotional family stress, she was desperate and tried living chemical free and following an autoimmune diet. The results were positive, to an extent. Although she felt better, she had become “supersensitive”. She was now allergic to nearly anything she encountered. She couldn’t ask friends to be chemical free as well, but she was now allergic to the soap, perfume, hair care and laundry products they used, so she was allergic to them. “What am I to do?” she asked herself. She may have felt better with the diet, but she was not living.

The Three Minutes a Day Challenge

June 14, 2016, Renee met Sharik and was introduced to the Rezzimax® Tuner. Sharik proposed an experiment. He asked her to use the Tuner every day for three minutes. She was to choose points around the head and neck that were comfortable to her, apply the Tuner, put her tongue between her teeth, and hum. During these three minutes, she was to think of only things she was grateful for. Renee tried it and said it was “a lovely experience and brought a feeling of peace.”

From that day on, she changed her life. Each day she “turned off the phone, went into the bedroom, and shut the door to minimize distractions” and dedicated three minutes to using the Tuner and being grateful. She was grateful for family, friends, the beauty that surrounds her, the love and guidance she felt, for the opportunity to be a wife and mother and more. For the first time in a very long time, she even felt “gratitude for herself.”

The world seems to force our focus on always striving to be better, to achieve more, that if we aren’t perfect we are failures. If we are tired, we are encouraged to take something to help us push on; we are never given a chance to rest, to feel peace, to be still and renew our souls. Renee had discovered that there is great power to be had when we stop and realize that we are doing something of worth, that we are accomplishing good, that we are blessed and a blessing. As she focused for three minutes a day on gratitude, the three minutes carried over to the rest of her day. Her attitude changed, and her viewpoint on life changed. Instead of despair, she began to feel hope.

Something She Had Never Experienced Before

For most of us, this would be something a little new in life. For Renee, however, it was a total turnaround. She grew up in a violent home with parents who were anything but positive. Depression, bitterness, bullying, denial, and low self-esteem were the norm for her. Coming up with and believing just one positive thought was something totally new for Renee. As she practiced thinking thoughts of gratitude while using the Tuner, she comments that it was “interesting how I feel deeply grateful for different things each time I spend three minutes with the Tuner.” Of course, sessions with the Tuner don’t keep all negative thoughts from entering her mind, but it is just like exercise—it’s making her stronger and more able to think positively even when things are going badly.

The Tuner Brings in Positive Resources to Help the Body

Renee says, “I feel like the Tuner brings in positive resources to help the body where needed. I have allowed emotional stress to really throw me off, but as I take a few minutes each day to enjoy the positivity the Tuner brings to my head and body and continue to keep myself calm, still, and quiet, it is a worthwhile and lovely experience. Bottom line: no matter your negative background, there are positive resources to help you with emotional or physical limitations or unhealthy and imbalanced emotions.

My recommendation for you, because it has helped me, is to turn off the computer, TV, phone, radio. Get yourself in a space with no screaming kids, no music, no people, and no distractions. Clear your brain of your to-do list. Open your mind to positive thoughts. Positive thoughts promote positive energy which promotes healing. Use the Tuner, even for 3 minutes as I was directed originally, and give yourself time for quiet meditation. Allow the rejuvenated feeling to sink deep into your brain, into your soul. Open your mind, open your heart, and be consistent with the Tuner. Positive results will come of it. Look for small, baby step changes for good over time; they are there.”

Has Positive Thinking Helped Her Heal?

Has this positive thinking helped her heal? Renee is noticing that severe allergic reactions are dissipating as she thinks more positively and enjoys that healing energy. We are grateful to Renee for sharing her positive experience with the Rezzimax® Tuner!