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Are you at the right place ?


Chronic Pain: the Search to Find a Solution

Chronic Pain: the Search to Find a Solution

When I was a child I learned a song about bones. It went something like this: “The toe bone’s connected to the foot bone, the foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone’s connected to the leg bone, now shake them skeleton bones.” The song went on through the bones in the body. I learned another song about the hinges in my body. “I’m all made of hinges, ‘cause everything bends, from the top of my neck way down to my ends. I’m hinges in front, and I’m hinges in back; but I have to be hinges, or else I would crack!” These were fun songs to sing because you get to stand up and wiggle around. But, like all those ditties from our childhood, they also teach something; they taught me that my body is all connected.

Somewhere in life, after we learn silly songs like this, we seem to forget that the body is all connected. You go to a doctor and they specialize. A dentist treats your teeth, an endocrinologist looks at your endocrine system, dermatologists look at your skin, neurologists study your brain and your nerves, and so forth. When you have chronic pain, you need someone to care, who understands that the body is connected. This is the secret to chronic pain management.

Excellent medical providers know your body is connected.

Great medical providers realize that if you hurt your foot and start to limp, you will soon have hip or back pain, maybe even headaches. If you go to a doctor for your headache, they might run a CAT scan, perhaps some blood tests, maybe ask you about your stress levels, but chances are, unless you bring it up, they won’t ask you if you recently hurt your foot. When you go home from this doctor visit with some painkillers, it may even fix the whole problem because the painkiller for your head will also deaden the pain in your foot, making it so you don’t limp anymore, so your headache goes away.

Trying to find new ways to relieve chronic pain.

As was written in this great article on KSL, I had worked as a physical therapist for many years and was frustrated. I felt he should be able to do more to assist his clients with pain management. There were some, like my wife, who were suffering from intense neck pain, or others who had fibromyalgia, lower back pain and chronic pain syndrome who were simply not getting the chronic pain management he hoped for. I spent years trying out different tools, trying to find ways to use them to try to find a more effective pain relief. Then, early one morning, I was jolted out of sleep by a thought—he needed to use an electric toothbrush! Twelve years later, I had refined the idea into the Rezzimax Tuner Pro II, a handheld device (about the size of an electric toothbrush) that uses vibrational frequency and pressure points to balance the body and assist in chronic pain relief.

What is vibrational frequency and what does it have to do with the human body?

Everything vibrates because everything is made up of atoms and subatomic particles. Rocks, animals, desks, people, everything is made up of atoms. They all move at different speeds; this is what makes up their vibrational frequency. Your vibrational frequency makes you what you are. The human body generally vibrates in an optimal range. When your vibrational frequency falls below that optimum range you will see sickness set in. If the frequency continues to fall, more disease will set in until, eventually… well, you get the picture.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just plug ourselves in when we aren’t feeling well and “recharge”?  But wait - we are thinking, doing, human beings. We don’t have to just sit there and take it! Be proactive! Increase your immune system by feeding your body healthy foods. Exercise and pump life-giving oxygen through your body. Yawn and stimulate blood flow. Grab your Rezzimax Tuner and tune your body!

How does it work?

The New Tuner Pro II is perfectly balanced to match the resonance levels of a healthy vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is the longest of the 12 cranial nerves. It has the widest distribution in the body. It’s one of those nerves we can’t live without and yet don’t think about at all. Heart rate, food digestion, blood pressure, these are all involuntary functions the vagus nerve monitors.  Nerves work by sending electrical impulses to various locations in the body, stimulating an action. If they are “out of tune”, they misfire, sending the wrong impulses to the right location or the right impulse to the wrong location. They may also simply send signals that are too weak. Each of these leaves the recipient of the signal confused.  When the human body gets mixed signals it often creates chronic pain.  Apply the Rezzimax Tuner to various pressure points of the body (especially points associated with the vagus nerve), and it calms the nerve, resetting it to the correct vibrational frequency, and you achieve pain relief.

Helping you create music.

Chronic pain is often a symptom that your vibrational frequency is out of tune. Nerves misfiring signify the body is out of tune. Listen to an orchestra tune up. You hear mayhem, pleasing notes, and not-so-pleasing notes. You hear a bit of a tune and then a squawk! The oboe is flat, the tuba is sharp.  As they work together, tuning their vibrational frequencies, music will emerge. This is what we want to do with our bodies. To quote another childhood song, use the Rezzimax Tuner on the “head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes, knees and toes. Head, shoulders, knees and toes, eyes, ears, mouth and nose” for chronic pain treatment.

Does anyone care if you’re in chronic pain? Yes! I do, and that’s why I invented the Rezzimax Tuner Pro II. Give it a try and see if it can tune your body back into harmony!