Effectively Stimulate The Vagus Nerve

Before you start using the Rezzimax® Tuner for specific areas, it is best to use the Tuner in positions that will set the entire body into a state of relaxation and healing. These seven general positions are specifically designed to directly engage the Vagus Nerve, quiet the Trigeminal Nerve and set the entire autonomic nervous system to a happy and healing state.

To achieve overall relaxation and put the body into a happy and healing mode, use the positions listed below every time you use the Rezzimax® Tuner for a treatment. Two minutes is ideal for each position, but one minute will do. At the very least, use the Tuner for a minimum of 30 seconds in each position. If you would like, feel free to use it for longer on any of the points. For each position, sit or lie down on a soft seat or bed. Have a Rezzimax® Pillow or a small pillow available for comfort and to aid in keeping the Rezzimax® Tuner in place.

    Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Adjust the wand of Tuner along the spine, pushing tips of fork all the way open and turned down to rest along neck. The knob of the fork should rest at the base of the skull. Lean against Tuner, using a pillow to help keep Tuner positioned correctly. Hum to stimulate the Vagus Nerve using the following steps.

    The following steps are to be done simultaneously while following the main techniques. Be sure to try each technique for 30-60 seconds at each location.

    blue-1Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and loosen your jaw muscles by placing the tip of your tongue between your front teeth.

    blue-2Hum to the resonance you feel from the Tuner – imagine humming into a fan. This will create a “tuning” effect which synchronizes your nervous system with the tool.

    blue-3Identify any negative thought and immediately replace it with seven positive thoughts. This exercise of the mind literally changes your brain chemistry and sets you up for immediate and successful relief.

      Adjust tuning forks to reach the center of each brow. Turn Tuner on and hold in this position for at least 30 seconds while humming. You should feel a calming effect.

      Starting with Tuner centered between eyebrows, gently move Tuner over the scalp to the back of head while humming. Repeat several times, making sure to stop on areas where some pain or discomfort is felt to relax the nerves.

      With Tuner wand and fork tips facing you, draw fork tips together until about a quarter of an inch apart. Place tips between the eyes, at the top of the nose and apply mild upward pressure while humming.

      How to place the tuner in your mouth

      Sanitize tuning fork with rubbing alcohol. With tuning forks close together, insert into mouth. Gently push forks open outside of teeth into cheeks. Tilt Tuner slowly up and down, massaging jaw muscles while humming. Next, widely open and close jaw 5-7 times, slowly. Before removing tuning forks, squeeze pads together and then remove. Sanitize tuning fork.

      With handle in horizontal position, turn Tuner fork upward. Spread fork tips about two inches apart. Place fork tips under jaw line. Fork tips should fit in soft area under jaw, just inside jawbone. Bottom of fork should touch chest bone. Move top of fork slightly forward if there is a gagging reflex. Hold for 20-30 seconds while humming.

      Hold Tuner wand horizontal to floor, with Tuner forks pointed downward as well. Pinch end of fork together so Tuner pads are spread far apart. Place Tuner on floor in same horizontal position, placing arches of feet on outside of Tuner fork. Hold for 20-30 seconds while humming.

      It is important to finish with the feet if you began at the head - or if there are sensitivities in the beginning with the head, begin at the feet and end on a very low frequency with the head.

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