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Fishing with the greatest gifts of all, my grandchildren


I have had Trigeminal Neuralgia for 23 Years. The severe pains generated by these nerves are located on the left side of my face mostly above and in my left eye. I met Mr. Peck in the summer of 2016 when I was experiencing an attack about every 5 minutes with duration of approximately 90 seconds. Mr. Peck introduced me to a new treatment tool called the Tuner. If I understand its working concept, the Tuner attempts to bring the vibrations of your body in alignment. I use the Tuner to drive the pain out of my face. (I haven’t decided yet how much the humming works as I am off tune and mostly a groan) Mr. Peck also teaches the use of a Sander/buffer to help blood circulation. I call it; “wax on wax off”. The tool is a simple car buffer. It has helped my shoulders, hands and feet feel better. My wife used the buffer to treat diabetic neuropathy in her feet and legs.

The Rezzimax® Tuner Has Made Such A Difference In My Life


I injured my neck and finally went to a chiropractor. The x-rays showed a crack in a vertebrate, after exhausting my insurance visits and some out of pocket visits to the chiropractor I had about 75% pain relief, most of the time. My wife saw a demo of the Tuner from Sharik and came home from work telling me that we needed to buy one. Looking at the cost of a Tuner versus what I had spent at the chiropractor, and the pain I still had, I decided it was worth a try. After receiving the Tuner, my wife applied it around the neck injury for five to ten minutes before bedtime.

I was able to be off all my prescription meds and be totally pain free


I remember my very first shock with trigeminal neuralgia. It was a Saturday morning; I was taking a bath getting ready for church. As I was washing my face, for the first time in my life I felt an excruciating pain as I washed the left side of my face. Radiating along my jaw line. I didn’t think much of it and went about my day as usual. Then it happened again; unbearable pain at the touch of my toothbrush against my teeth. I thought, what the heck. Monday at work the pain of innumerable shocks affected my day. I called my dentist I was sure I was in the need of some serious dental work. After a thorough exam, my dentist handed me a piece of paper with the words that would forever change my life written in casual black ink: Trigeminal Neuralgia. He handed it to me and said go home and look it up on the Internet...


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