The Rezzimax™ Tuner for the Professional

3 Minutes to Trigeminal Harmony!

Our Dental Professional friends work with many types of temporomandibular pathology. Rezzimax™ Therapy techniques and tools will not correct the pathology. Rezzimax™ provides Pain Relief without narcotics. This brings a valid question to any one trained in the scientific methods in any profession. The question is “How does this Non-Narcotic Pain Relief work?” Here is our question for you:

Why not use the Trigeminal Nerve to treat the Trigeminal Nerve and many other painful conditions in the nervous system?

Balance the Brain, Pain just melts away!
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Sure, the Trigeminal Nerve is responsible for closing the mouth. But, it can also open it back up and retract as well as protract the jaw! The sensory component of the Trigeminal nerve is also highly developed. With the Rezzimax™ Tuner, we use all the branches of the Trigeminal Nerve and all of the muscles innervated by this powerful nerve to help you balance and downregulate the area of the Trigeminal Nerve and its associated trigger points that are holding the pain. This works great for jaw pain and migraine headaches, but how does it help neck pain and shoulder pain and other conditions? Read through this presentation to understand more.

The Rezzimax™ Tuner is one of the most effective ways available to “turn off” the pain from TMJ and most headaches in minutes. Just 3 minutes each day spent on any of the powerful Rezzimax™ techniques will often break the cycle for many headache sufferers. It is all accomplished by simultaneously balancing branches of the bilateral Trigeminal Nerve and engaging the Vagus nerve to calm the autonomic nervous system. This video is an example of the powerful effect the Tuner can have on the cranial nerves:

Watch this class where Rezzimax™ Developer, physical therapist Sharik Peck uses the Tuner for a migraine headache and severe TMJ case.