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An Understanding Of The Trigeminal/Vagus Nerve Relationship Can Help One Tune Out Pain And Fear

OralHealth Journal    Mar 01, 2018

Many people experience a deep fear of sitting in the dental chair even though dentistry can significantly improve their health. By understanding a few key basics about the nervous system (and how fear, pain, and anxiety work in the body), you can help minimize pain, shut down fear responses, and decrease inflammation. This understanding can decrease the load on your staff and schedule, and help your clients leave their appointments smiling. Understanding the interaction of the trigeminal nerve with the vagus nerve and their roles in either upregulation of the nervous system (fight or flight) or relaxation and pain relief (a parasympathetic state) can help you accomplish this.

Rezzimax TUNER Review

Gadgeteer    Mar 04, 2018

A few years ago I took a pretty bad fall while skiing and injured my neck and suffered a concussion, which has had lasting effects to this day. I was interested in the Tuner from Rezzimax because it offers multiple applications for high frequency massage of your neck, shoulders, face or anywhere else you may need a little relief.

Say Good-Bye to Migraines with Rezzimax

KUTV    Feb 12, 2018

(KUTV) Salt Lake City – If you have migraines, headaches, sinus pain, jaw pain, or TMJ, you need to know about Rezzimax. Sharik Peck is a physical therapist and inventor of the Rezzimax Tuner, an FDA registered class 1 medical device. Sharik and his wife appeared on Fresh Living to talk about why he invented the Rezzimax Tuner and demonstrate how it works.

New Year, New You Product Review

News4JAX    Jan 04, 2018

Watch News4JAX review the Rezzimax® Tuner!
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Local physical therapist creates ‘tuner’ to relieve migraines, body pain

KSL    Nov 17, 2017

RICHMOND — Sharik and Cheryl Peck were no strangers to chronic pain.

After 28 years as a physical therapist in Richmond, Virginia, Sharik Peck had seen his fair share of patients with everything from recurring migraines to fibromyalgia. His wife, Cheryl Peck, was one of them……

From bags to beer: 11 successful Utah crowdfunding campaigns

KSL    Oct 17, 2017

The Rezzimax Tuner is the brain child of University of Utah graduate, Utah local and physical therapist Sharik Peck. Peck was inspired to create the medical device while trying to help his wife with her severe chronic neck pain…..

Valley physical therapist creates device to ease chronic pain

Herald Journal    Aug 12, 2017

A physical therapist who spent his career helping large companies find solutions to preventing injuries, Sharik Peck didn’t spend time thinking he could come up with a commercial product to help people with their chronic pain….

Everyday Faith: Tuning your body to joy

Daily Herald    Jan 25, 2017

My goal for 2017 is to choose and experience more Joy. So in my quest I was grateful when I recently discovered a magical new “instrument”…

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