Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?


Become a Rezzimax Affiliate

We are excited to offer an affiliate program that allows our Rezzimax community to benefit from sharing the incredible benefits of the Rezzimax Pain Tuner Pro with others. Please learn more about our three affiliate levels below and we can't wait to have you join our program!

-Sharik Peck, Founder & Inventor, Rezzimax

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Become a Rezzimax Affiliate!

Gain access to exclusive promotions, product launchs, comissions and marketing materials!


$25 commission and $25 discount/Qualified Tuner purchase 

See Requirements

Brand Ambassador

$50 commission and $50 discount/Qualified Tuner purchase 

See Requirements

Rezzimax® Certified Ambassador

$75 commission and $75 discount/Qualified Tuner purchase 

See Requirements

(Qualified Tuner purchase refers to a Tuner Pro II kit purchased and return is not initiated within the 60-day return period, for additional details see terms in affiliate portal.)

Affiliate Requirements:

  • Register in GoAffPro and be approved by Rezzimax Marketing Director
  • Affiliates will be removed from our affiliate program if they have less than 2 sales within a 12-month period.
  • Affiliates may become a Brand Ambassador upon qualifying for that program
  • Abide by Affiliate agreement

Brand Ambassador Requirements:

Rezzimax® Certified Ambassador Requirements:

  • All Affiliate and Brand Ambassador level requirements met (shown above)
  • Attend in-person Rezzimax-sponsored training and received a certification of completion.
  • All in-person attendees who receive a Rezzimax certification of completion will be granted Certified Ambassador status.

Why become a Rezzimax Affiliate?

- Gain access to exclusive in-person and online trainings
- VIP access to upcoming Rezzimax products and technology
- Discounts on Rezzimax products and commissions for referral purchases
- Access to Rezzimax promotional materials and digital media

Learn One-On-One 

Hands on training with Rezzimax Founder Sharik Peck and other practitioners who use the Rezzimax Pain Tuner Pro daily

Online Training Access

Gain access to all recorded Rezzimax trainings and conferences

Early Access to New Products

Get access to new Rezzimax products and technology before anyone else. Special promotions and discounts for affiliates


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“We've been using the Tuner for several years at our practice. This new affiliate program from Rezzimax allows us to get discounts on new Tuners and rewards for referrals. It's a win win win!"