Techniques for Headaches, Neck Pain & TMJ

    For best results, the Vagus Nerve needs to be stimulated, click here to learn more.

    Hold Tuner with both hands and gently touch Tuning pads to the soft area under chin. Hold for 20-30 seconds while performing the humming technique (in the stimulating vagus nerve link above).

      Turn tuning forks 180° so the Tuner body can run along the back of the spine. Place tuning forks on the back side of neck and lean back in order to stabilize upper neck. Again, hold for 20-30 seconds while humming.

      Adjust tuning forks to 1 inch apart. Run tuning fork over the scalp from the front of head to back of head for 20-30 seconds while humming.

      Sanitize tuning fork with some rubbing alcohol or soap and water. With tuning forks close together, insert into mouth. Push forks open outside of the teeth into the cheeks. Tilt Tuner slowly up and down, massaging the jaw muscles. Next, open jaw wide and close slowly 5-7 times. Before removing the tuning forks, squeeze the pads together and then remove. Sanitize again.

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