“Vibration will help heal the human nervous system if you can figure out how to make it work.” – Sharik Peck, Physical Therapist

Imagine listening to an orchestra recital performance and all the musical instruments are out of tune. It would be painful to listen to. Your brain and nervous system works the same way. When your natural rhythm is interrupted, it can cause discomfort, pain, and even swelling.

It is from this revolutionary concept that Rezzimax was born. Meet the people behind the concept:

Sharik Peck, PT is the founder and CEO of Rezzimax LLC, is a licensed Physical Therapist and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor with over 22 years of experience helping people eliminate pain from their lives. Sharik and his wife Cheryl were both longtime sufferers of chronic pain and know from firsthand experience how debilitating it can be. They have built several physical therapy practices and have lectured in several countries as well as throughout the United States.

Dr. Sheldon Peck, DDS is an orthodontist practicing in Syracuse, Utah.  Dr. Peck has assisted with the development and design of the Rezzimax tools and techniques.  He has personal success with Rezzimax Therapy for migraine headaches and TMD/TMJ in his practice.  He loves the help his clients and their family members experience with the Rezzimax Tuner.

Cheryl Peck, MBA is the President of Rezzimax LLC. She has assisted in development of the Rezzimax tools and techniques while busily raising 7 children and helping her husband Sharik. Cheryl is the inspiration behind many of the Rezzimax techniques as they were first used to eliminate her chronic neck and TMJ issues.

Jeff Young is the COO for Rezzimax LLC. Jeff first learned about the Rezzimax tools and techniques when he was suffering from a serious migraine. When he experienced complete relief in a matter of minutes he became intrigued and immediately wanted to help get these tools and techniques out to many others suffering from chronic headaches and TMJ pain.

“Rezzimax works for us and it will work for you, too!”

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