Cheryl and Sharik Peck, co-founders of Rezzimax LLC

The Rezzimax Story

Hello, I’m Sharik Peck, a licensed Physical Therapist and a certified Rehabilitation Counselor with expertise in pain therapy. My wife, Cheryl and I are no strangers to pain, having suffered several disabling accidents, including a stroke, a broken neck, a broken back, and years of chronic pain. But these challenges have led us to discover a better way to find comfort by developing the Rezzimax® Tuner, a great natural soother for you entire family! I invite you to discover it for yourself!

Cheryl Peck, MBA

President of Rezzimax® LLC

Cheryl has assisted in development of the Rezzimax® tools and techniques while busily raising 7 children and helping her husband Sharik. Cheryl is the inspiration behind many of the Rezzimax® techniques as they were first used to eliminate her chronic neck and TMJ issues.

Sharik Peck, PT

Founder and CEO of Rezzimax® LLC

Sharik is a licensed Physical Therapist and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor with over 22 years of experience helping people eliminate pain from their lives. Sharik and his wife Cheryl were both longtime sufferers of chronic pain and know from firsthand experience how debilitating it can be. They have built several physical therapy practices and have lectured in several countries as well as throughout the United States.