Did you just use a word or a household name?

A household name or word, which did you just use?

Most of us have used household or brand names as if they were real words. For example, have you said: “Pass me a Kleenex, please.” “I just love to pop Bubble Wrap, it’s irresistible!” “Dinner will be ready in the Crock Pot for you when you get home from school.” “Remind me to buy some ChapStick at the store before my lips start to crack.”

Kleenex, Bubble Wrap, Crock Pot, Chap Stick, they are all brand names, not “real” words, but they have become household names, entering our vocabulary and can even be found in the dictionary. Once they’re found in the dictionary they are “words”, but they’re still a brand name, so we must give credit where credit is due.

Kleenex, a cold cream remover

Quite possibly the most commonly often used brand name is Kleenex. Very seldom do you ever hear anyone ask for a facial tissue. Designed as a cold cream remover, Kleenex first appeared in 1924. “Kleen” was designed to let us know they were for cleansing and the “ex” was added on the end because Kleenex were part of a family of products (the first “member” of the family of products was Kotex feminine napkins. The “-ex” ending of both products brought them together.) Trademarked by Kimberly-Clark, the word Kleenex should only apply to their brand of facial tissue.

Bubble Wrap, groovy wallpaper

We all love to pop those little bubbles, it just brings a smile to the face. Created in Hawthorne, New Jersey, Bubble Wrap is a trademark of Sealed Air Corp. Bubble Wrap originated as groovy wallpaper in 1957, but it flopped. However, when it became packaging material in 1960 Bubble Wrap hit a Grand Slam home run. Imagination is the only thing limiting Bubble Wrap today. An annual competition challenges young inventors to find new uses for Bubble Wrap. Winners earn scholarships and prizes. Since 2001, Bubble Wrap even has its own day, the last Monday in January. Sealed Air Corp has generically trademarked Bubble Wrap, letting people use the name.

Crock Pot, the Beanery

Irving Naxon invented the Crock Pot slow cooker. Originally called the Naxon Beanery, he says his mother inspired him to create it when she told him stories about cooking cholent, a bean-based stew she made in her hometown in Lithuania. Cholent is a traditional Jewish dish that cooks all day. You put the ingredients in before the Sabbath started (sundown Friday night) and it would cook until the end of the Sabbath (Saturday night) using the residual heat of the oven. Naxon sold his design to Rival Manufacturing in the 1970’s and the Beanery became the Crock Pot and was marketed to working mothers who could put food in the pot before leaving for work and come home to dinner ready to be served. The Crock Pot brand name belongs to Rival, all others are just slow cookers.

ChapStick wrapped in foil

Invented in the 1880’s by Dr. C. D. Fleet, ChapStick started out looking kind of like a candle and was sold wrapped in foil, not a tube. It wasn’t very popular. In 1912 Dr. Fleet sold his recipe for ChapStick to John Morton for $5.00. John and his wife added some pink coloring and put it in a brass tube. With new management in 1963, ChapStick was produced in more colors and flavoring was added. Used worldwide today, ChapStick (or lip balm if it isn’t made by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare) comes in many colors, flavors and with sunscreen. There are some that will cost you $5.00 a tube, just like that recipe did back in 1912.

Rezzimax, the next household name

The Rezzimax® Tuner received its start in the summer of 2010. It is rapidly gaining popularity among migraine sufferers and those suffering from chronic pain. A non-narcotic pain reliever, it has no negative side effects and isn’t addictive. One of the beneficial side effects helped it get its name. The “Rezz” represents resonance, a synchronous form of vibration energy to calm the nervous system.  The use of “zz” in the name signifies drifting off into sleep, a wonderful side effect of calming the vagus nerve.  Rezzimax® can help a person who suffers from insomnia reset their body’s regular sleep pattern, often in a matter of weeks. Max is a shortened form of “Maximum Function Physical Therapy” the name of Rezzimax®’s creator, Sharik Peck’s, physical therapy practice. The Rezzimax® Tuner has so much potential and promise that we expect it to also become a household name, joining the ranks of other inventions we can no longer imagine life without.

Rezzimax TUNER PRO


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We are pleased with the feedback we have received from professionals all over the world! Based on feedback we made several major improvements to the Tuner Pro and it is now ready to help many people throughout the world with the calm balancing effect our proprietary programs create for the nervous system.  

The Rezzimax® Tuner PRO assists in chronic pain management of:

  • TMJ / TMD
Manufactured exclusively in the United States, the Rezzimax® Tuner PRO is an FDA registered class 1 medical device. It is a portable hand-held device that combines resonance with progressive stress-management techniques to relieve chronic pain without the need for expensive and addictive medications. Originally designed for dental professionals, the Tuner PRO has a wide range of applications and benefits for sufferers of migraines, headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, sinus pain, TMJ/TMD, anxiety, and many other symptoms. When used correctly, the Tuner PRO targets problem areas, calming the nervous system the same way one would lull an infant to sleep. The original version of the Tuner was launched on Kickstarter, finishing in the top 1% of funded crowdfunding projects of all time! The Tuner PRO has improved upon what made the original Tuner a successful solution for thousands of people worldwide, now offering improved durability, increased battery life, and most importantly, additional capabilities to offer a more comprehensive solution to your chronic pain management.


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Proudly manufactured entirely in the USA!

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