How does the gut communicate? The vagus nerve information highway.

How does the gut communicate? The vagus nerve information highway.

We’ve all read a mystery or watched a detective movie where the lead investigator follows his gut. This gut instinct causes them to take split-second action that saves their life, gives them the confidence they need to know there is still someone alive who needs saving or simply leads them to the clues that solve the case. Filled with confidence, they never seem to let their nerves get the best of them. Is there any scientific evidence to back up the “gut” instinct? Scientists in Switzerland have discovered, there is!

The body’s communication highway

The vagus nerve, also called the wandering nerve, wanders from the brain to the lowest levels of your intestines (gut). On the way, it touches most of the major organs in the body. Because the vagus nerve covers so much vital territory, it is an important part of the communication chain in the body. Gut instincts are information that is literally transferred from the gut (intestines) to the brain via the vagus nerve. Studies have shown that the information traveling along this nerve affect your emotional state. Why does your gut care about your emotional state? Have you ever gotten indigestion due to stress?

To digest or fight, that is the question

The human body, during calm periods, is able to rest and digest the food in the stomach and intestines, making use of the nutritional building blocks consumed. If your body feels threatened, it triggers the “fight or flight” mode to prepare itself for action. This is no longer a time for digestion! I must fight! I must run! The vagus nerve conveys all this information. The gut gives notice that there is food here that needs to be taken care of. The vagus nerve proceeds to tell the heart to rest and relax, it is time to digest food. Onward the information passes, as the vagus nerve reaches the brain and conveys a need for peace and calm. All is well, we may even be on the verge of naptime, and then something happens to upset the status quo. This time the communication may start in the brain, where the eyes and ears were listening to the news and just heard that a politician you didn’t vote for has passed a law you don’t agree with. The annoying thoughts begin and the vagus nerve picks up the stress carrying it down through the body. The heart starts beating faster, your respiratory rate increases, the adrenaline starts pumping, you’re getting ready for action and the gut, well, it gets stopped in mid-digestion. Chaos surrounds us, but the body isn’t running to hide and it’s not getting in some good swings and punches because you stayed to fight (at least we hope you haven’t started punching your television). You’re just having a heated debate, with your tv. If you don’t do something to calm your vagus nerve quickly, you’re going to get indigestion, which often leads to a headache and maybe some other bodily disagreements. Rezzimax® Tuner to the rescue!

Calm those butterflies

The Rezzimax® Tuner is perfectly balanced to match the resonance levels of a healthy vagus nerve. By applying the Tuner to various points on the body associated with the vagus nerve you calm it.  You can, basically, reset the nerve to the peace and calm setting and turn off the fight or flight setting. How can this benefit you? Do you get butterflies in your stomach when preparing for a presentation?  How about a first date?  Maybe even before going to the dentist? You can quickly calm those nerves by applying the Rezzimax® Tuner. Maybe you’re one of those unfortunates who get so stressed they start vomiting and just can’t quit. Give the Tuner a try! Migraines, ulcers and more may be soothed by using the Tuner.

Give it a try the next time you start to feel those unpleasant gurgles in the gut that signify impending doom. It won’t work if you have food poisoning, but if your stomach upset is due to stress, you should see positive results.

Rezzimax TUNER PRO


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We are pleased with the feedback we have received from professionals all over the world! Based on feedback we made several major improvements to the Tuner Pro and it is now ready to help many people throughout the world with the calm balancing effect our proprietary programs create for the nervous system.  

The Rezzimax® Tuner PRO assists in chronic pain management of:

  • TMJ / TMD
Manufactured exclusively in the United States, the Rezzimax® Tuner PRO is an FDA registered class 1 medical device. It is a portable hand-held device that combines resonance with progressive stress-management techniques to relieve chronic pain without the need for expensive and addictive medications. Originally designed for dental professionals, the Tuner PRO has a wide range of applications and benefits for sufferers of migraines, headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, sinus pain, TMJ/TMD, anxiety, and many other symptoms. When used correctly, the Tuner PRO targets problem areas, calming the nervous system the same way one would lull an infant to sleep. The original version of the Tuner was launched on Kickstarter, finishing in the top 1% of funded crowdfunding projects of all time! The Tuner PRO has improved upon what made the original Tuner a successful solution for thousands of people worldwide, now offering improved durability, increased battery life, and most importantly, additional capabilities to offer a more comprehensive solution to your chronic pain management.


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Proudly Manufactured Entirely in the USA!

Proudly manufactured entirely in the USA!

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